[PARTENARIAT] Glider Service

par www.planeur.net

Avec plus 20 ans d'expérience Glider Service vous propose tous types de travaux concernant l'entretien de vos planeurs : regelcotage, réparation, peinture anti-collision, visites, .....

Glider Service is a sailplane refinish and repair shop with more than 20 years experience and more than 800 gliders refinished from all over the world. Familiar with most types of the composite construction airplanes, using top quality materials, offering additional service (such as door to door transport of the airplane) and working according to the valid European regulations Glider Service offers reliable, top quality service at a reasonable price and with one year guarantee. We offer also all kinds of repairs, modifications, inspections, as well as cockpit renewal, anti-collision painting, sealing of control surfaces, polishing, etc.

Plus d'infos : http://www.gliderservice-novak.si/